An air compressor is a device that can convert power from an electric motor, a gasoline engine, or a diesel engine by compressing and pressurizing air into kinetic energy. It can increase the amount of air within a specific space. Air pressure is increased by packing in the air. It creates a force and that is used for various purposes such as industrial, commercial, manufacturing, and personal purposes.

Types of Air Compressor:

Air compressors are mainly 3 basic types:

  • Reciprocating air compressor
  • Rotary screw air compressor
  • Rotary centrifugal air compressor

The types of air compressor can also be listed by:

  • Compression stages number
  • Cooling method including oil, air, water etc.
  • Driving method including motor, engine, steam etc.
  • Lubrication including oil or Oil-Free
  • Packaged or custom-built system

Advantages of Air Compressor:

Air compressor is a tool which has a lot of advantages. In this air compressor review, now I am discussing about some of these advantages.

  • You can use it in cars, pumps, and air conditioners
  • You can use it in power machinery and equipment to perform heavy and tough task
  • Safe because there is relatively little or no electricity involved
  • Compressed air can be used to run tools and equipment that generates a lot more force than traditional tools
  • Helpful for the construction and manufacture of many items
  • It can either portable or mounted
  • Gasoline compressors are alternative source of electricity
  • It can provide you with different level of power
  • It can be used to fill the tires of your vehicle within very short time
  • It can be used in cleaning purpose
  • Gasoline compressors can easily be used in remote areas
  • It can generate power without any kind of hassle and irritation
  • The electrical air compressor is best for industrial jobs

How to Choose a Good Air Compressor?

Air compressor has become an integral part for both industrial and personal use. Therefore, you need to know about the best air compressor. But, the question is “How to choose a good air compressor?” This guide will provide you some information that can help you to choose a perfect one for you.

  • Analyze your requirements

At first, you should analyze all the requirements of the air compressor that you want to use. If you want to use the device for industrial purposes, you should choose a piston compressor with big tank. On the other hand, if you want to use the device in your house, you should choose a portable compressor without a tank.

  • Choose between portable and piston-type compressors

Piston type compressor is two types. One is single-stage compressors. It has only one piston to compress air and 150 psi. Another is the two-stage compressor that has two pistons and 200 psi.

Portable air compressor is suitable for household use.

  • Read the HP of the air compressor

The horsepower (HP) of an air compressor is between 1.5 HP-6.5 HP is the common range. If you want to use it for industrial purpose, you should choose a device with higher HP. The small range of HP is suitable for household purpose.

  • See the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) rating

You should not only see the HP rating, but also look at the CFM rating. It is a volumetric flow measurement. The change of CFM always related to the PSI of compressor. So you cannot add these two instruments with different psi. However, the standard CFM (SCFM) is 14.4 PSIA at 68° F, along with 0% relative humidity.

For example, if you want to use a dual sander with 11 CFM @ 90 psi, a grease gun with 4 CFM @ 90 psi, nailer of framing with 2 CFM @ 90 psi, you should choose the maximum psi that means 17 CFM @ 90psi.

  • Consider portability and space

Portability and space is very important to choose a perfect air compressor. Consider you want portable or mounted air compressor.

  • Consider the source of power

You should consider the power source that you have. Most of the electric air compressors can run on at 110V, but some need more voltage such as 240V. So take a correct decision and compare the given power with your own source of power before purchase it.

  • Look at the volume of the tank for piston type compressor

If you want to work with your compressor for extended periods, you should chose a compressor with a large tank. If you want to work for less time, you should choose a compressor with a smaller tank.

From the above discussion about the reviews of air compressor, you can easily choose the right one.

Who Needs Air Compressor?

Besides the obvious answer which is building companies, people in the building business and auto body shops, you will be surprised who else might need and use an air compressor. Before choosing an air compressor, companies check air compressor reviews and then decide which one is best for them.

  • Are you in carpentry and craft industry? Do you want to build things? Surely, you know that a nail gun is essential and crucial for speedy work, and a pneumatic nailer is cheaper than battery operated one. Get a pneumatic nail gun, and power it up with an air compressor. In the short run, it might be more expensive, but in the long run it is a worthy investment.
  • People into the painting business (furniture, cabinets and other projects), can speed up their work with an air compressor, powering a spray gun.
  • A large number of simple mechanic and auto repairs can be done at the convenience of your garage. Removing bolts is the problem, and an air ratchet tool comes in handy and provides the solution.
  • The truth, every household could use an air compressor, since there are countless of little things that can be done faster and more effective with an air compressor.

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