Wooden watches are a great way to show how much you love nature. Available in a number of different styles and wood colors, you are certain to find the right watch to show off your true personality.Whether you like a more modern look, or more rugged style, you can find a wooden watch to suit your taste.

Wooden watches are available for both men and women. So, if you are looking for the perfect gift for a man who loves to be outside, or are a woman who would rather be in the forest than in the boardroom, a wooden watch is the perfect solution.

Each watch comes with a complementary band. Some of the bands are made from linked wood, others aree more like a cuff. Linked wooden watch bands can be adjusted in size by adding or removing links. All are polished smooth, so that they are comfortable to wear. You can find them in widths from narrow to wide. Other wooden watches come with a leather band that looks great with a wooden face.

The inner workings of wooden watches are metal, much like a regular watch. And are of high quality, made to last. Most run on batteries which are easily replaced (don’t expect a wooden watch to be automatic watch, firstly, the case is not solid enough to carry a complex structure inside, secondly, using a watch winder can harm your wooden band, because it’s not flexible) . Often the hands are metal also, either gold or silver, maybe steel. But the face, and often the band are of natural wood.

Do use some caution, wooden watches are not made for swimming! You can splash them, or get them a bit wet, but wood expands when it is soaked, and this can ruin the watch. It might be a good idea to take the watch off before doing the dishes.

What Kind of Woods are Wooden Watches Made Of?

Every watch is unique because every tree is unique. Trees are living entities, and the watches reflect their life. The wood breathes and changes ever so slightly in different weather. Stay in tune with the subtle rhythms of nature by wearing a wooden watch. The wooden watches are finished and polished to a smooth glow, and feel almost like a living thing on your arm.

Wooden watches are made from a variety of woods. Light woods like Birch, Maple wood or Beech. Medium brown woods like Oak, or dark Redwoods. Watches made from Sandlewood come in a rainbow of colors from pale to dark, even greens.

The colors are rich and vibrant reflecting the natural hues of the woods. The watches show woodgrain and other natural marks in the wood. Some of the most beautiful are made from a composite of different woods, that blend colors and textures together in harmony.

These watches can be proudly worn with almost any outfit. If your clothes suit your natural outdoorsy style, then your watch should reflect that too. These stylish watches will most certainly get comments and compliments from others around you. And you can be certain, that your wooden watch is a one of a kind. Show the world how much you love nature with one of these unique wooden watches.

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